Shanghai Streets – the group exhibition

In June 2015 I went on an excursion to Shanghai, China for three weeks during the summer term at University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. We were 15 Photography students accompanied by our professor Roman Bezjak. We all were working on our own project for the duration of our stay in this vibrating, huge city. See my selection of work here.

After we came back early July we started planning our group exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Bielefeld, opening in January 2016. Pictures needed to be selected, edited, printed, framed and the hanging needed to be sorted. We also wanted a catalogue for all the visitors to be able to take home, so the layout needed to be designed and developed. There came a helpful Graphic Designer from our Art faculty to join our team, she’s done an amazing job on the layout and put in so much effort to get all of us Photographers happy. The more people, especially creatives, are involved, the harder it is to reach an agreement for design, layout, selection and order of pictures, it was nerve-consuming! But in the end, it turned out to be a great group exhibition with many visitors on the day of the Vernissage!

I put together some behind the scenes pictures for you, so you can see how much work goes into such a group exhibition before seeing the pictures up on the wall! Enjoy!

Picture courtesy of Peter Phillips. Thank you!